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Who Is Wise Grid?


Wise Grid provides expertise in cost/feasibility analysis, renewable energy system design/integration, sustainability, education/training, and technology development for sustainable infrastructure.



What Is Wise Grid's Mission?


Wise Grid's mission is to build financially viable sustainable communities and provide positive economic impact for disadvantage communities integrating sustainable infrastructure that uses affordable clean energy.


What Do Wise Grid Do?


Wise Grid is a community solutions provider that provide sustainable infrastructure services that leverage renewable energy, water management, and sustainable agriculture technology, systems, and models.




                               Dr. Dickens received his Doctorate and Masters from                                        Howard University and Cornell University, respectively, in                                  the field of Electro-physics. Dr. Dickens currently is a                                          member of the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster                                      (GPIC) sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and                                a voting member of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel                                    (SGIP). He is certified in efficient lighting technologies,                                      distributed building controls and is a subject matter expert                                in Smart Grid and alternative energy technologies. Dr. Dickens has designed solar farms that include a 600KW hybrid (half wind and half solar) system and a 250KW system in the State of Maryland.  In terms of technology development, Dr. Dickens has developed a hybrid inverter for renewable energy, an efficient street lighting system implementing LED technology, and a smart grid educational learning technology laboratory system.


Contact (443)-469-9232 

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