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Wise Grid provides holistic solutions to the challenging areas of sustaibale food, water, and energy.  Wise Grid has several innovative projects underway.  These solutions can be transformational engines for disadvantaged communities.  These solutions provide economic impact (in terms of manufacturing, distribution, employment, and education) and environmental impact ( in relation to low carbon production, waste reduction, and energy conservation). 
40 Acre Renewable Energy Food Hub Development  
  • Location: Rural, Disadvantaged
  • Jobs: Greater than 200
  • Products: Local Grown
  • Energy: Renewable
  • Cost: 30 Million US
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24Hr Independent Powered   Renewable Energy Manufacturing/ Commercial/ Business Park 
  • Location: Developing Countries
  • Size: 12,000 Sq-Ft
  • Energy: Renewable
  • Cost: N72 Million
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Custom Commercial Micro-Grids
  • Location: Developing Countries, Urban Cities
  • Solar PV, Energy Storage
  • Gasifier, Fuel Cell, uTurbine
  • Feasibility, Cost Analysis, Technology Selection

Contact (443)-469-9232 

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