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Wise Grid provides R&D, consulting, design, project management, and cost analysis for energypower plants, energy efficiency services, environmental evaluations, water/waste water management, and sustainable agriculture. Wise Grid uses of the art tools, models, and techniques to provide the highest quality services.

Efficient Lighting

  • Simulation Design/Integration (Using Dialux)

  • LED Drive Development


Distributed Energy

  • Hybrid Inverter

  • Micro-Grid Design



  • BPI Certification

  • Efficient Lighting

  • K-12 Energy STEM

  • Renewable Technologies


Sustainable Agriculture

  • Hydroponics Systems

  • Aquaponics Systems

  • Food Hub Development


Energy Efficiency Buildings

  • Energy Auditing (Hancock)

  • Building Controls (Lonworks)

  • Building Energy Modeling (Using HEED, Energy Plus, Green Studio)

  • Benchmarking (Energy Manager Portfolio)


Renewable Technology

  • Solar /Wind Farms Design

  • Efficient Solar Panel Development

  • Stirling Engine Development


Smart Grid (Transmission/Distribution)

  • Electric Vehicles/Two Way Converter

  • Demand Response (Using Lonworks)

  • Data Management (Visual Analytics)

  • Utility Preparedness Tools


Fields of Expertise:

Water Management

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Waste Water Management

  • Clean Water Management


Contact (443)-469-9232 

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